Tokyo Revengers Hugmy Tamagotchi + Chifuyu Support Figure

€39.95 €19.98

Multi-language. Hugmy Tamagotchi is a cute figure of a character hugging Torevetchi. It is also possible to remove the main Torevetchi body and decorate it with a single soft vinyl figure. The colour of the main body is designed with the image of each character limited to this set, this is the Chifuyu version. There are more than 25 characters that can be trained, such as the main character Takemichi Hanagaki, the members of Tokyo Revengers Manjiro Sano and Ken Ryuguji, the members of Mizonaka, the tenth member of Kuroryu and Roppongi Charisma. By training various characters, new characters will appear. The games content is packed with elements inspired by Tokyo Revengers, and you can play mini-games such as motorbike racing and crane games. Also, if you beat the mini-game, depending on the training character, you may see the appearance of Emma, Yuzuha and Hina. In addition, at regular intervals, you can see impressive scenes at work in Tokyo Revengers, and characters other than training characters will also appear.