Eco Wood Art 2 in 1 Board Game, Senet and Ur

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Game set construction kit with 2 old board games in one portable box.

– Senet – Greek strategy board game for two players, first mentioned in c. 2620 BC

– Ur – Two-player Mesopotamian strategy board game, first played in c. 2600 BC

Senet is a board game from Ancient Egypt. it is played on a special Senet board, consisting of three rows of 10 squares.

Senet was a popular game in ancient Egypt. It was played by people of all classes. Stones from temples and tombs contain Senet diagrams that were probably scratched by guards and/or construction workers to pass the time.

The poorer population made their own game boards in the sand or scratched in stone and stones or pieces of pottery were used as pawns. Wealthier populations had wooden game boards and the pharaohs used richly decorated boards made of rare woods, pottery or ivory. A beautiful specimen has been found in Tutankhamun's tomb.

The King Game of Ur is a board game of the Sumerian Civilization. Boards for this game were first found in the 1920s by the Arcaeologist Sir Leonard Wooley. He led an expedition from the British Museum and the University of Pennsylvania. During the expedition he found several specimens, all in tombs of wealthy Sumerians. It is believed that the game boards accompanied the dead on their way to the other world. This game is believed to be one of the ancestors of Backgammon games.

Assembly instructions and game rules are included.