Cards Against The Simpsons


Cards Against The Simpsons is based on "Card Games Against Humanity". This is the card game for you and your friends, and all the more fun if you're a fan of Homer and Marge and the rest of the crew. Don't worry, the game isn't complicated and there aren't too many rules to worry about. This is a Limited Edition card game with the theme of the TV show "The Simpsons". This is the complete and original version with 1072 cards.

So this is how you play: There are a total of 1072 playing cards: 353 light blue cards and 719 white cards. That's easy right? Each round, a player reads out a blue card and everyone responds, in turn, with their funniest white card. That's why there are more white cards than blue ones, so you can choose the funniest and most appropriate. And they are very rude. For example, a blue card might read, "Dear Lisa, as I write this, our president has been overthrown and replaced by _____________?" And the answer might be, "A sperm-filled donut".

"Cards Against Simpsons" is all about using crude and insulting Simpson-esque humor to make you and your friends roll with laughter. But choose your friends well and this time omit your mother-in-law for a great entertaining game. Laughter is the goal here. It doesn't really matter how you bring it about. Bring your friends together with this rude and rough card game full of Simpson humor and comedy.