Cards Against Marvel


Cards Against Marvel is a hilarious, sordid send up of your favorite Marvel movies, from Spider Man to Black Panther. Enjoy the outrageous humor and irreverent jokes as you and your friends LOL each other. This game is definitely not for Baby Groot! Based on the wildly popular Cards Against Humanity, "Cards Against Marvel" takes the wholesome Marvel Universe and puts a mischievous twist on it that is sure to bring life to any party. Find out how and what Tony Stark wears under his Iron Man suit!

How to play Cards Against Marvel: There are a total of 944 playing cards: 298 blue cards with white writing and 644 white cards with blue writing. Each round, a player reads out a blue card and everyone takes turns answering their funniest white card. And they are very shocking. For example, a red card might read, "Thor decided _______________ would help The Avengers". Pick a white card and the answer could be "a female Muslim superhero with ties to ISIS". The Marvel fan with the funniest, most shocking answer wins the round.