Cards Against Disney


Cards Against Disney is going to blow your mind and all your Disney childhood memories. Based on Cards Against Humanity, "Cards Against Disney" is all about using crude and vulgar language to rock Disney to liven up a party and uncover all the mischievous innuendo that lie deep beneath Disney's innocence. One card could reveal what the secret of Toy Story's Andy's mom really was!

How to play Cards Against Disney: There are a total of 828 playing cards. 260 red cards with white writing and 568 white cards with red writing. Each round, a player reads out a red card and everyone takes turns answering their funniest white card. And they are very shocking. For example, a red card might read, "To set the mind free, all you need to do is rub _______________." Choose a white card and the answer could be "the penis on the VHS cover of The Little Mermaid". The player with the most original and funny answer wins the round.

Attention! This game is not for children!