Cards Against Muggles


Cards Against Muggles - The best game ever, period! Cards Against Muggles is a unique themed card game that is just as rude and shocking as any of Hermione Granger's incantations. The rules of the game are the same as Cards Against Humanity. Cards Against Muggles is all about outrageous and shocking language and Harry Potter wizardry to get your party going and maybe find out why Harry wasn't sleeping at night, or what Hagrid was doing with pictures of his dragon.

Here's how to play Cards Against Muggles: There are a total of 1440 playing cards: 450 black cards with white writing and 990 black cards with white writing. Each round, a player reads from a black card and everyone takes turns answering their funniest white card. And they are not for the faint of heart either! For example, a black card might read, "In the latest Hogwarts scandal, students used _______________ to jerk off." Pick a white card and the answer may be "Peter Pettigrew's Leftover Finger". The player with the funniest and most shocking answer wins the round.