Lucky Cat

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Lucky cat, fortune cat or manekineko.

Diminuto Cielo luckycat is a fun, colourful and cheerful interpretation of the classic Chinese lucky cat or maneki-neko.

Don't forget to place it facing the entrance or door to attract luck.

Each colour attracts a different luck.

Violet red attracts: "Ingenuity and creativity. Conqueror."

Silver attracts: "Luck in business".

Smurf blue attracts: "Fulfill dreams (Be careful what you ask for)".

White attracts: "Purity. Good things to come."

Aquamarine attracts: "Luck and intelligence".

Black attracts: "Avoid bad luck. It attracts happiness."

Mojito green attracts: "Fertility. Luck for your children."

Lemon yellow attracts: "Money is coming. Luck."

Gold attracts: " Money and wealth."