The Adventures of Young Det 02



Skipp informs Lazarus that the human clans now believe the Great Ferat will fulfill her own dark prophecy and summon Noigin, the Dragon of the Dark. He warns Lazarus that the lives of all high-level sorcerers are now at risk. However, Lazarus brushes off the warnings as nonsense. Meanwhile, the Great Ferat has a disturbing vision of her city of Asorem in ruins and orders the Gaderins to immediately evacuate. Now, only four remain in Asorem: the Great Ferat, two of her servants, and Lazarus. In accordance with her vision, a jealous human clan poisons the city water supply hoping to kill all the Gaderins and end the threat of Noigin by killing the Great Ferat herself. All of these dark events set the stage for two young heroes to start on a journey that will place them on a collision course with Fate itself. They are Young Det and his expert swordsman friend Osen.